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MET/CAL® Plus Calibration Management Software (with MET/TEAM™ Software
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Calibration labs have their share of challenges: an increasing and more complex workload; fewer technicians; a growing list of quality standards. Above all, there is constant pressure to reduce costs. MET/CAL® Plus Calibration Management Software helps you to meet those challenges by calibrating and managing your workload more efficiently and consistently.

 MET/CAL Plus includes two applications: MET/CAL® software, the industry-leader for automated calibration; plus MET/TEAM software for test and measurement asset management.


  • Perform automated calibration on all kinds of test and measurement tools and equipment, including dc/lf, RF and microwave instruments.
  • Create, edit, test, and document calibration procedures, quickly and easily.
  • Configure and report a wider range of measurement uncertainty parameters and include verification data to provide an audit trail and support further analysis.
  • Track asset information including calibration and maintenance history and status, traceability, users, customers, and location.
  • Analyze and report asset information; produce customized printed certificates and reports.
  • Make data available to other corporate systems.
  • Import asset and calibration data into MET/CAL Plus software
  •  Help meet the requirements of quality standards like ISO 9000, ISO/IEC 17025, NRC 10 CFR, ANSI Z540.3, and others.

 With all of these capabilities, Fluke Calibration MET/CAL Plus software offers the most comprehensive calibration automation solution available. And we back it up with the MET/SUPPORT Gold software support program to help keep you as productive as possible. Join the worldwide community of calibration professionals who have discovered the value of MET/CAL Plus for increasing throughput and managing calibration assets more efficiently.


  • New expanded Procedure Editor with flexible user interface and enhanced functionality
  • Increased security for accredited procedures
  • Ability to automate a wider variety of references
  • Compliance to Z540.3 decision rules by guard banding
  • Greater flexibility and expanded support of RF power meters and sensors
  • New LIB FSC that allows procedure access to external programs
  • Access to National Instruments DLLS, enabling calibration of PXI instruments with MET/CAL software
  • Option to use Excel for customized plotting and calculations
  • Broader instrument support
  •  Linked online help
  • Browser-based MET/TEAM software for asset management and data storage