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Field Calibration: Workshop troubleshooting and field calibration of process instruments

CPD Credits: 1
Cost: R3 625ex VAT

JHB Durban Cape Town
Date: 31 May 2019 Date: 16 August 2019 Date: 18 October 2019

SAIEE, Johannesburg

TBC, Durban

TBC, Cape Town


By the end of this 1-day session, a participant will understand the most important basic principles of troubleshooting and calibrating analogue and HART process instruments and transmitters in the field. The participant will have learned and practised troubleshooting mA loops and Calibrating the most common variables with handheld Process Calibration instruments and experienced the obstacles and best practices when executing a Calibration.


This practical workshop style training will improve the skills in troubleshooting problems of analogue process loops by simulating and practising problem-solving in a live class environment. 
Furthermore, the Calibration background and best practices will be explained and practised, enabling the participant to apply field calibration instruments as efficient as possible for the most common parameters in his application.

Participants will practice the learned theory by means of hands-on exercises which will increase the confidence level in the field of Process Calibration In this training the importance and benefit of documenting your Process Calibration routines and results are thought and practised, enabling participants to increase the quality level of their field Process Calibration tasks.


Module 1:

Introduction to Process Calibration
Setting up a Calibration procedure

Module 2

The Process Loop
Troubleshooting mA Loops
Hands-on exercise mA Loops

Module 3

Pressure transmitter Calibration theory
Hands-on exercise pressure transmitters
Hands-on exercise pressure switch

Module 1

Temperature transmitter Calibration theory
Hands-on exercise temperature transmitters

Module 2

Documenting Process Calibration
Hands-on exercise documented transmitter calibration

Module 3

HART Calibration theory
Hands-on exercise HART transmitters


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