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Run 5 essential lighting tests in 30 seconds…

Building maintenance technicians for commercial, retail, or institutional facilities with fluorescent lighting, have hundreds, if not thousands of fluorescent tubes that have to be routinely checked and maintained. Even though those tubes last for tens of thousands of hours, they do ultimately fail, some prematurely, and some stop working because of other problems with the installation ballast.


“Gold standard” of industrial temperature calibration

Fluke has on offer the Fluke 1551A Ex and Fluke 1552A EX “Stik” Thermometers, engineered to give temperature calibration specialists the durable, intrinsically-safe digital instrument they need for precision temperature calibration. The Fluke 1551A and Fluke 1552A “Stik” thermometers provide a highly precise and durable digital replacement for mercury-in-glass thermometers.


microsemi: PTP Enterprise Profile

Timing accuracy in many large enterprise IT networks have advanced to levels beyond what can be supported by standard NTP clients. PTP with hardware timestamping and faster message update rates is increasingly being used to meet these accuracy requirements. To ease PTP configuration and facilitate equipment interoperability, the IETF have established the PTP Enterprise Profile.

TimePictra 10.6 - Now Complete Integration with IGM

The growth of reliable packet-based networks requires intelligent management tools that are powerful and dependable. Microsemi's network management solutions provide carrier class control and visibility of the entire end-to-end synchronization network. TimePictra management software is designed from the ground up using scalable and modular architecture to keep pace with the growth and evolution of networks. Fault and remote management, network configuration, performance monitoring, and security management capabilities are all available through a highly visual, map-based interface.

MIcrosemi: Financial Trading-Time Synchronization Requirements

IT organizations in financial institutions are mandated to keep accurate records of all transactions such as when a transaction was initiated and completed along with the real-time date and timestamps for each transaction.


SyncServer S600 and S650 Network Time Servers New Software Release

Version 2 of the Microsemi SyncServer S600 or Microsemi SyncServer S650 was released! In addition to the best-in-class NTP Server features already present, the new Version 2 adds:

  • IEEE 1588 Precise Time Protocol (PTP) Grandmaster operations
  • Multi-GNSS Constellation Support for Enhanced Reliability (GLONASS, BeiDou, and SBAS in addition to the standard GPS constellation)
  • FlexPort any signal and connector license with more time code output formats
  • Increased security features to further security harden the time server
  • NTP Reflector™ with its security hardened NTP packet processing now capable of 360,000 NTP requests per second


Midronics is proud to announce the availability of an innovative solution for power utilities’ critical power reliability with the release of their CELLGUARD ELS+ Electrolyte Level Monitoring System. This customer-driven product assures reliable 24/7 monitoring of VLA (Vented Lead-Acid) battery electrolyte levels and is easily integrated into a battery management system for VLA battery maintenance. The ELS+ monitoring system is commonly used in reserve power applications for backup power in utilities, telecom and grid energy storage.

A rugged, highly accurate meter that measures airborne particles to troubleshoot and monitor indoor air quality (IAQ)

Fluke has on offer the Fluke 985 Particle Counter, a rugged, highly accurate meter that measures airborne particles to troubleshoot and monitor indoor air quality (IAQ).

Batteries & chargers feature

Stationary* Battery Basics: Jars & Straps

There is so much terminology related to stationary batteries and it’s hard to know what everything means. So, what’s the difference is between jars and straps?

Microsemi - Technology & Product Updates

When looking at the evolution of Primary Reference standards, developed by the ITU, the original requirement was for a Primary Reference Clock (PRC) called G.811. The G.811 required a PRC that delivers 1 part in 10E11 frequency accuracy and is suitable for timing and synchronization of other clocks within a network. As packet timing requirements emerged, ITU developed the Primary Reference Time Clock (PRTC) standard to include the requirements for time and phase for transport over a packet network. This standard is known as G.8272 and was originally published in 2012. The G.8272 standard describes a clock that delivers <100 nS time and phase performance suitable for packet networks.


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